VENUE: Junior Secondary School, Chaza, Suleja, Niger State.

DATE: 10th June, 2017,    TIME: 9am-4m


Following the free acquisition program that took place at Paulosa on the 28th day of April, 2017, there was an agitation from the near-by community of Paulosa known as Chaza community for empowerment program of such kind to be brought to them. On this note, the counselor of Suleja  area council Hon. Dogo Mada pleaded with the foundation (Livebridge Charitable Foundation) to organize another empowerment program for the Chaza community. Livebridge I her charitable nature, complied by organizing the same empowerment for the community. In preparation for this progam, the organization visited the Chaza community severally to survey the area along with Hon. Dogo Mada. The major reasons for these visits were to:

  1. Meet and communicate with the people of the community through their community leaders.
  2. Distribute bio-data form to the people through the community leaders and
  • Fixing of date for the program.

After due information to and from the community, a date was fixed for the program being 10th of June, 2017.

In readiness for the program, the organization at different occasions has had in-house meetings to strategize and plan on how the program should be handled for success to be achieved.

The Event:

The set date for the event finally arrived on the 10th of June 2017. The program started with the arrival of some Livebrigde team members at about 9:00am. The venue for the program was arranged by the available team members of the organization with help the help of some students and the Hon. Counselor. There were three classes set for the purpose; the first class was set for cake making, second class was set for soap making and the third class was set for Vaseline making. Each class was labeled with the item to be taught in it.

The program began fully with an opening prayer led by the Honorable counselor. This is followed by accreditation of participants. The accreditation of participants was handled by Miss Juliet Ojinka, Hon. Dogo Mada and Mr. Peter Dogo. At the accreditation point, three different colors of ribbons were used to represent each item to be taught to the participants. These three colors of ribbons and what they represent are; (a) Red colored ribbon, representing cake making. (b) Golden colored ribbon representing soap making. (c) Milk-colored ribbon representing Vaseline making.

Any participant that has gone through accreditation process is tied with one of the ribbons depending on what he/she intend to learn and is directed to the class of his/her choice.

The cake making class was handled/ facilitated by Mrs. Ruth Promise. A total number of 136 participants were present in this class.

The Vaseline making class was handled by Mr. Friday. A total number of 72 persons participated in this class.

Mrs. Esther Idowu handled soap making class. This class was made up of 114 participants. The three classes went on simultaneously, the Vaseline class was the first to conclude followed by soap making class. Cake making took longer time due to its rigorous processes. After the accreditation, it was discovered that out of the five hundred forms distributed to the participants, a total number of three hundred and seventy six (376) forms were submitted by the participants and 54 out of this 376 participants who submitted their forms were absent, indicating that only 322 participants were in attendance for the event.

Presentation of Certificates:

Certificates were presented to each of the participant based on their areas of learning and a group photograph taken by each group together with their facilitators.

                                                                        Some of the pictures taken are shown below

                                                    Honorable Dogo Mada saying the opening prayer at the program

Mr. Paul N. Okonkwo, addressing the community members on how the empowerment program is beneficial to them.

Registration of participants in progress. This process was handled by Honorable Dogo Mada, Miss Juliet Ojinka and Mr. Peter Dogo

                                      Mrs. Ruth Promise teaching the participants on how cake is being made

                                                Mr. Friday teaching the participants on how to make Vaseline

                                                                             Tablet soap making in progress

                                        Hon.   Masohood Sani presenting certificate to one of the participants

It is important to note that the certificates prepared for the participants of the event were not sufficient for all of them. Out of the total number 72 persons who participated in Vaseline class, only 50 persons received certificates while 22 other participants did not. 76 out of the total number of 136 persons who participated in cake class received certificates while 57 other participants did not receive. Likewise in soap making class, 98 out of the 114 participants received certificates, while 16 others did not receive. It therefore means that more certificates need to be prepared for those participants who did not receive certificates.


A brief interview was conducted between a member of Livebridge foundation and Hon. Masohood Sani, one of the Honorable members of the community. In the interview, he said that the program is very impressive and that it will empower the community members especially the women to be economically independence and also pleaded that the program be brought again to other communities so that they too can also benefit from it. He also thanked the foundation for coming to the aid of the community members by empowering them on how to become economically independence.