155 Children within the ages of 1 to 10 years were administered with vitamin A supplement and deworming vaccine, HIV/AIDs test was also conducted for them.


Kuchidna village is located in Karu Local Government Area of Nassarawa state, about 1hour, 30munites drive from Abuja Central District, FCT, Abuja. It is a small community of about 3,500 people whose major activities are related to agriculture. The Kuchidna community was discovered by a member of the team whose role is related to mapping.  From the discussion with the village Chief, is was ascertained that the community is desperately in need of healthcare assistance with no source of clean water.   Under the supervision of the village Chief, a borehole was provided to the community by Livebrigde Foundation  and the first medical outreach then took place on the 30th September, 2017



        Registration team set for action

 Member of the community being registered at the event. The registration of the community members at the event was the first stage in the lineup of activities of the program. The registered participants went to the next stage which is the vital signs stage. 

                                                                                       VITAL SIGNS UNIT

                                                         Community members being checked for vital signs


                                                                            CONSULTATION UNIT

                    Doctor and patient discussing in a consultation room with the help of an interpreter.

Six classrooms of primary school were transformed into consultation rooms.  The Hausa (local dialect) is the main language spoken in the community  therefore, patients were given the opportunity to communicate directly to doctors with the help of Interpreters. 


                                                                             LABORATORY UNIT

                                                                   Laboratory activities in progress at the event.

Bearing in mind the nature of the event from past experiences, a temporary laboratory unit was also set up for possible tests such as malaria parasite, typhoid, HIV/AIDs and other related tests. 

                                                                       COMMISSIONING OF BOREHOLE


The commissioning of the borehole along with the Head of the community; Chief Ishaku Anyiwoyi who could not hide his happiness regarding the program and borehole that has been brought to his community. He greatly appreciated Livebridge Foundation's generosity