Livebridge Foundation built Sustainable Educational Project at Zugurma Community School

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This project has been proudly sponsored by the Swiss Embassy in Nigeria.

The Zugurma Community School is located in Mashegu Local Government Area in Niger State. It is a government primary school made of blocks of dilapidated classrooms that caters over 500 students; due to the lack of conducive learning infrastructure, the children end up seating on bare floor and under the trees outside to receive lectures. In addition, the school had no clean water and toileting system. The pupils’ age range varies from 6 to 15 years. The disadvantaged pupils of this school have being exposed to different sorts of abuses:

  • crime
  • health related issues
  • unparalleled educational level compared to their pairs in the urban and city centers.

The magnitude and complexity of the problem of inconducive learning environment in this particular community and its neighborhood could not be ignored by Livebridge Charitable Foundation which led to the timely intervention of this project as proudly sponsored by the Embassy of the Switzerland in Nigeria to salvage the present condition of the school and its community at large.

The following renovation have been achieved at Zugurma Community School;

  • Renovation and furnishing of 4 (four) old blocks consisting of 3(three) classrooms
  • Building a toileting system  for the school
  • Drilling of an automated borehole water supply system .
  • Livebridge team along with students planted 200 trees within the school premises Planting.

The positive effect and outcome of this project would go a long way to benefit the pupils, the community and the nation as a whole considering the following reasons:

  1. The pupils: illiteracy and standard of basic education; in today’s world, literacy determines the development and growth level of any society. This project will helps to keep the children actively involved in wanting to learn more.
  2. The community: This project also helps strengthen the community’s pride through involvement in the school’s achievements.
  3. Improve the environmental stability: when the standard of basic education grows the illiteracy level and crime rate is reduces, then environmental stability could also be achieved.
  4. The community and Nigeria at large.  The level of crime and insecurity in Nigeria today cannot be separated from illiteracy and the use of under aged children being victims of circumstances. Having delivered this project, Livebridge Charitable Foundation sees the children and the community well equipped with knowledge and skills in a conducive environment that fosters their creativity and imagination. Leaving the pupils empowered to contribute to their society positively. Also, this help to promote hygiene and hygienic practices.



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