New Kuchingoro IDP Camp

 Medical Outreach Organised by Adaoha Foundation in Collaboration with Livebridge Foundation.

VENUE: Games Village New Kuchingoro, Federal Capital Territory, Abuja DATE: 6TH MAY, 2O17. TIME: 8am – 1pm

On different occasions, Livebridge and Adaoha Foundations have visited the IDPs’ camp at Kuchingoro, FCT, Abuja mostly to provide relieve materials and to organise empowerment programs for the Internally Displaced Persons in the camp. In one of these visits, the foundations thought it wise to look into the health aspect of the IDPs camp by going round its existing clinic to see how well it is functioning. It was observed that the health centre has not been functioning for the past two years. In the light of this, the organizations came up with the thought of organising a Medical Outreach for the IDPs in the camp to give hope to them on their health aspect of life. Prior to the day of this event, Adaoho and Livebridge foundations team members had series of meetings, planning on how to touch the lives of the IDPs living at Kuchingoro. 6th of May 2017 is a day to be remembered for the Internally Displaced Persons IDPs living atKuchingoro, FCT, Abuja as rain of love was showered on them through the generosity of philanthropists DrAdaobi (Adaoha foundation) and Ms. Alice Vicky Nguissoh(Livebridge foundation) who came together to put smiles on the faces of the IDPs in the area.
After the arrival of teams from Adaoha, Livebridge foundationsand other organizations, (medical and non-medical) at about 8:50am, Dr. Adaobi (Adaoha foundation) welcomed everyone during her opening remark. Mr. PaulN. Okonkwo (Livebridge foundation) briefed all present on the purpose of the outreach, introduced the IDPs to them and urged everyone to work hand in hand for the success of the program.


    At the event activities
The activities of the program were divided into different departments/units, they are as follows;
Health Talk.Registration DepartmentVital Signs DepartmentConsultation DepartmentLaboratory DepartmentPharmacy AndFood Distribution Department.

                   Laboratory test being conducted to one of the IDPs.

The IDPs Clinic is clearly not a 5 star hospital. However, the outreach team was not intimidated by the inadequacy of the facility and lack of important tools required for medical use. The team immediately strategized and improvised by using the available temporally classrooms, chair and tables on ground for the purpose.

                                Gauck’s IDPs Clinic by OwhinEguonor- Oghene.


                        The registration of Internally Displaced Persons in progress.