A One-Day Training Program Held on the 28th Day Of April, 2017 at Yibo Community In Paulosa, Suleja, Niger State, Nigeria.

Opening: The LiveBridge and the training team left Abuja at about 9:50am for Niger State. We arrived quite on time after which the registration of participants commenced immediately we had fixed the necessary things in place. The training program was opened with the accreditation of participants which required them to line up quietly based on their choice of interest (Cake Baking, Soap Making and Vaseline Making).  We had one of their hands tied with a color of ribbon indicating their choice.

Training Activities: This training was part of LiveBridge's free skill acquisition program on how to become financially independent.  The various activities and the trainers were: Cake baking (Mrs. Ruth Promise), Soap making (Mrs. Esther Idowu) and Vaseline making (Miss Gladys Cokey), these activities took place concurrently (at the same time) in three different classes. Two hundred and fifty (250) forms were filled but one hundred and seventy-one (171) persons submitted their forms. We had in attendance one hundred and fifty-one (151) persons. Cake class - 59, soap class - 54 and Vaseline class - 38.The youth leader and the media crew of the community were around to cover the training. We had the councilor, Hon. Dogo. K. Mada and two other honorables (Health and Media) who came around to see what the foundation brought to their people. The Chief, Mr. Danlami Musa was also in attendance.

 Certificates of attendance were awarded to each of the participants by the councilor (Hon. Dogo K. Mada accompanied by the Chief Mr. Danlami Musa and Mr. Paul Okonkwo of LiveBridge Charitable Foundation. The participants were admonished to put the various skills acquired into use. Thereafter, there was lunch. The training was hitch free and the participants expressed their gratitude to LiveBridge Charitable Foundation for deeming it fit to come to their community and they pledged to put their various skills to use.

However, the cake baking class took longer than the other classes due to the progressive stages of the cake baking process. We all exercised patience.


Below are the some of the pictures of the training:

Mrs Esther Idowu training the participants on how to make Soap

Miss Gladys Cokey teaching the participants on how to make Vaseline

Participants keenly observing what they are being taught

Condiments for baking cake displayed in the cake baking class

Hon. Dogo K. Mada admosnishing the participants to put the skill aquired to use after the training , accompanied by  the Chief of the community Mr. Danlami Musa and Mr. Paul Okonkwo who represented the Director of LiveBridge Foundation Madam Vicky Alice Nguissoh