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Livebridge Charitable Foundation joined the rest of the world to mark World Hypertension day at Piwoyi settlement. This event was tagged, “Know Your Numbers”.  This was marked on the twentieth of July 2017.

Prior to the medical outreach, Peace Emmanuel Care Foundation and Livebridge Charitable Foundation had synergised  on how to reach out to mark world hypertension day at Piwoyi, Federal Fapital Territory Abuja.

The activities of the program were divided into different units, they are as follows

. Registration unit/admin

. Vital signs unit

. Consultation unit

. Laboratory unit

. Pharmacy unit

Medications/drugs were readily available and dispensed on time and covered a large and sizeable number of participants (patients)

. All units and departments performed their duties successfully

.  All equipment’s were readily available and in good shape

. There was an impressive turnout of volunteers.


The registration is the first stage of the event where participants’ details are registered and documented.
Vital signs unit performing their duties on the community leader
Laboratory section performing their function; conduction test to the participant who needed to be tested.


One of the pharmacist dispensing drugs to a patient


The program came to an end at 2.00pm with the closing remark by Miss Peace Emmanuel Fonder/CEO Peace Emmanuel Care Foundation

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